NZ Catholic Bishops disappointed by recommendation on same gender marriage

A Parliamentary Select Committee has recommended that a bill to legalise same gender marriage be passed into law.

The Government Administration Committee said the private member’s bill should progress, but with an amendment to make it clear that no minister was obliged to marry someone against their own beliefs.

New Zealand’s Catholic Bishops say they have not yet had the opportunity to study the full report in detail, however they are disappointed that the Select Committee has approved the bill.

The Bishops welcome the Select Committee’s recommendation that an amendment to the Bill be included that clarifies beyond doubt the understanding that celebrants who are ministers of religion are not obliged to perform marriage ceremonies for same sex couples if it contravenes their religion.

Ahead of the Second Reading vote the Bishops have asked MPs to consider carefully the magnitude of social change that is before them.

A poll of New Zealanders has found that 47% believe that Parliament should change the definition of marriage, and 43% believe that civil unions are sufficient for same sex couples.

The poll of 1000 people was carried ut by blogger David Farrar’s Curia Research.

The poll also found strong support for laws protecting celebrants, churches and schools if the law is still pushed through. Almost half of NZ’ers believe there should be a Referendum on the issue.

In the poll respondents were asked “In 2004, Parliament legislated to allow same sex couples to register a civil union, amending over 150 pieces of legislation to give legal rights and recognition to same-sex couples. Do you think Parliament should change the definition of marriage to allow same-sex couples to marry, or do you think civil unions are sufficient for same sex couples?”



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