Vanuatu’s PM promises to pay churches 10 percent of national budget

Vanuatu’s Prime Minister, Moana Carcasses Kalosil, has promised the Vanuatu Christian Council that his Government is going to start paying 10 percent of the national budget to the churches.

Based on the present budget, 10 percent would amount to 21 million US dollars.

Kalosil became Vanuatu’s and the region’s first Greens prime minister when he came to power last month after former Prime Minister Sato Kilman resigned just ahead of a no confidence motion.

Kalosil is known for his radical green policies. Soon after, he released a list of 100 achievements for himself and his new government.

They include changing the constitution, major changes to ministries, review of foreign affairs, including the termination of some diplomatic appointments, and ending a defence cooperation agreement with Indonesia.

Born to a Tahitian mother and French-born father from Carcassonne in Southern France, Kalosil is the first non ni-Vanuatu to become Prime Minister.

He entered politics in Vanuatu in 2003 when he became foreign affairs minister under then Prime Minister Edward Natapei, now deputy prime minister and minister for foreign affairs.



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