Taxpayers should be free to choose to pay for abortions


If women are free to choose whether to have an abortion, taxpayers should be free to choose if they contribute taxes to fund their choice.

In a recent statement, the pro-life advocacy group Right to Life argues that while taxpayers have a moral obligation to contribute their taxes, they should not be obligated to fund “the murder of the innocent.”

The group asserts that while the government upholds the killing of the unborn as a “reproductive choice for women,” it denies taxpayers the right to choose not to finance abortions.

The comments come in a Right to Life budget statement about abortion as healthcare.

Right to Life says the government should abandon the notion that abortion is a healthcare service. It should also cease using taxpayers’ funds to support the termination of innocent lives.

The organisation calls for greater consideration of the sanctity of unborn life and the moral implications associated with allocating public funds towards abortion.

The group’s comments respond to the New Zealand government’s 2023 “Wellbeing Budget”.

The budget claims to support the present while building for the future. However,  Right to Life argues the government’s future well-being focus does not align with safeguarding the welfare of unborn children.

The organisation states that since 1977, when abortion was declared a core health service by a National government, subsequent administrations have consistently classified abortion as such, granting the “health service” unlimited funding and eliminating waiting lists.

Highlighting that $13 million has been allocated in the budget to support an estimated 13,000 unwanted unborn children, the group argues that the government is not prioritising the wellbeing of unborn children.

Drawing attention to the significant increase in healthcare spending since 2017, with the vote health budget nearly doubling from $76 billion to $136 billion, Right to Life points out the incongruity in the health service, where essential healthcare services struggle to meet their objectives while the termination of unborn children receives unfettered financial support.

While Right to Life commends the government’s aim to reduce child poverty, it implores the administration to recognise what it calls “the greatest poverty” – the denial of life for unborn children.

The organisation questions how the well-being of future generations can be effectively promoted when approximately one in five unborn children’s lives are prematurely terminated, representing a significant proportion (20%) of the unborn population.


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