Aid group to airlift persecuted Christians out of Sudan

An international relief agency plans to airlift some 3,400 Christians out of Sudan, where they face increasing persecution from the Islamist government.

Reports said many Christian women and children in Northern Sudan are separated from their families and endure increased persecution from an increasing Mulslim population.

The Barnabas Fund, an international aid agency, said it has already helped about 5,000 Christians leave the country.

The Christians will be taken to South Sudan, a smaller nation formed in 2011.

“We launched this as major global initiative, and have had such a tremendous response from the Christian community,” Julian Dobbs, a bishop and honorary director for the Barnabas Fund, told

“The situation for Christians who have remained behind has proven to create hardships for them, especially for women and children.”

The Barnabas Fund’s airlifting project began in August 2012, but only recently has the organization secured funds for a second phase.


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Image: Barnabas Fund/Fox News

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