Sister Annette helping out at the Home in Tamavua

In a recent interview published in the Fiji Times, Compassion Sister Annette Green shared some of her life story with reporter Sailosi Batiratu.

Annette said she made her first trip to Fiji in 1962, teaching at  St Agnes Primary School in Nabua until the end of 1976.

This time she says she is there to help supervise the construction of a new wing at the Home of Compassion. She is making sure that it is built according to the specifications.

These specifications Annette says have to do with nursing care for the elderly they provide at the home. The other sisters and their helpers at the home know what they want, the builders have their plans, and Sr Annette, the daughter of a builder, is here to see there is a match between the two sets of people. Or as she puts it, “we need a good functioning building”.

Read the interview in the Fiji Times

Image: The Fiji Times


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