Noah: 5 other flood stories

Noah did its job. It brought an ancient biblical story about a cataclysmic flood to life for audiences today.

Was it biblical? Was it the least biblical Bible movie ever made?

These questions flare up in what is frankly a flat and over-rehearsed debate about the Bible in [Western] life.

Honestly, does it matter whether a movie is biblical? Do the spiritual-but-not-religious care?

Do those evangelicals who grow tired of the stereotype made of them in the media care? Do secular liberals who have no use for the Bible really care about these questions?

We can ask a better question, a more crucial and more meaningful question, “Why does The Flood continue to work as a powerful cultural story?”

Indeed, The Flood is one of the most ancient and oft recycled stories in world cultures.

In looking at The Flood today, we participate in thousands of years of meaning-making.

We connect ourselves to world literature, to ancient civilisations, and to a perennial story about a cataclysm that changed the world. Continue reading.

Source: Religion Dispatches

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