Pink eye epidemic closes all Catholic schools in American Samoa

An outbreak of pink eye has closed all the Catholic schools in American Samoa.

The Office of Catholic Education Service, closed the schools last Friday and it was expected that they would remain closed on Monday.

The closure encompasses a high school, three elementary schools and two kindergartens, with more than 700 total students enrolled.

“The pink eye epidemic is moving quickly, affecting several of our students and teachers,” said Eddie Brown, the Catholic school system’s director.

The outbreak also prompted the closure of 28 government schools  from preschool through high school, plus special education programs, and smaller private schools.They will not reopen until Wednesday.

Close to 2,300 students and 130 teachers have pink eye, said Salu Hunkin-Finau, director of the territory’s Education Department. About 13,000 children are enrolled in public schools in American Samoa.


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