Catholic woman bishop in liturgies alongside male priests

An excommunicated Catholic woman bishop says she has conducted services alongside male Catholic priests without any problems from the Church’s hierarchy.

Austrian Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger, 58, told The Telegraph: “Most Catholic priests in Austria, are very nice to me. They call me ‘Mrs Bishop’. And they show me respect.”

The newspaper reported her having been at the altar at Kremsmunster, the oldest Benedictine monastery in Austria.

Several instances of Church services with Catholic male priests were also cited.

Ms Mayr-Lumetzberger said the priests accept her as one of them, and none have ever been disciplined by a bishop for it.

A member of the Roman Catholic Women Priests movement, she estimates there are hundreds of women priests around the world, some of whom she ordained.

She said the unjust law under which she was excommunicated was made by celibate men who do not know the people over whom they rule.

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