Polish Greek Catholic Church bans priests’ phone use during Mass

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The bishops of three Polish dioceses of the Greek Catholic Church have issued decrees forbidding priests and deacons from using digital devices during Eucharist and Reconciliation.

The move comes in response to a growing trend of clergy incorporating technology into Masses and confessions, prompting concerns about distractions and the sanctity of these rituals.

Bishop Arkadiusz Trochanowski, head of the Olsztyn-Gdańska Greek Catholic Church, highlighted the convenience of digital resources. However, he expressed reservations about their use during religious ceremonies.

“It has gone too far. Therefore, we decided that the matter must be regulated, each of the bishops of our Church issued such a decree” said Bishop Trochanowski.

Acknowledging the need for regulation, Bishop Trochanowski emphasised the importance of maintaining decorum and focus during services.

He expressed discomfort at the possibility of priests being distracted by phone notifications, stressing that technological interruptions should not compromise the solemnity of Mass.

The decree posted on the Internet said priests and deacons have a “category ban” on taking photos and videos during all services. Clergymen who want photos taken during the Mass should appoint a specific person.

“The idea is that no one accidentally takes photos that can computerally change and make available on the Internet” said the bishop.

The bishops also told priests not to take cell phones and similar devices into confessionals.

While there are no suspicions of misuse, the bishops underscore the need to uphold the confidentiality of confessions.

“But as the priest has a muted phone in the confessional and it is buzzing, it disturbs the intimacy of confession, it distracts” said the bishop

Bishop Trochanowski assured that despite restrictions on clergy, faithful members are permitted to use digital versions of prayers and songs during services.

However, the emphasis remains on preserving the reverence and sanctity of religious practices, focusing on the traditional use of liturgical books.

The measures aim to reinforce the distinction between the sacred and the secular, ensuring that the focus remains on prayer and worship without unnecessary distractions.



Eparchia Olsztyńsko-Gdańska

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