College closed in Samoa after student brawling

A college in Samoa was temporarily closed by the government after a brawl involving students from three schools, including St Joseph’s College and Don Bosco.

Samoa’s Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture closed Avele College in Apia on Friday for the protection and security of its students.

The St Joseph’s Day sports at St Joseph’s College were cancelled to send a message to students that the behaviour at the brawl is unacceptable.

The director of Catholic education in Samoa, Aeau Chris Hazelman, met Don Bosco’s principal and other senior officers of the schools to devise a way forward.

On Wednesday, Samoan police arrested three students and more arrests were made on Thursday.

This followed further brawling at the bus terminal behind the burnt flea market at Savalalo.

Mr Hazelman issued an apology to the whole Samoan nation.

Speaking on behalf of the Catholic schools involved, he said there is no excuse for the students’ behaviour.

“We have decided to let the law carry its course and we will support the police in their investigation,” he said.

Police reported that students with links to the violence used social media sites like Facebook to post videos and pictures.

Mr Hazelman asked parents to more closely monitor social media activity by their children.

Late last year, police in Samoa were called on to intervene after ongoing fights between school students at the Tafusi Markets.

Three years ago, an increasing number of brawls and student fights prompted the Samoan Ministry of Education to push Bible studies in public schools as a counter measure.


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