Catholic college ‘Learn from Home’ Mondays sparks concern

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A Catholic college in Bowral, New South Wales, is considering a radical shift in its school week. The school is proposing that senior students learn from home on Mondays.

This initiative from Chevalier College, aimed at years 10 to 12, is intended to set students up for success by providing a day dedicated to remote learning.

Principal Greg Miller asserts that this change will offer an opportunity for students to consolidate their previous week’s learning and prepare for the week ahead.

To participate, students must complete a “micro-credential course” beforehand, focusing on enhancing their learning capabilities.

Additionally, parents will also be required to attend a seminar and sign a permission form.

While some parents have welcomed the learn-from-home initiative, others have reacted with fury.

One parent, Tonia Pezzella Krebs, told Guardian Australia she trusted the school. She did not believe media reports of parents criticising the changes.

“I welcome any new ideas. In this world, we must all evolve, yet education is often stuck in the dark ages” she said.

“We believe kids should be at school five days, not mucking around at home for one day” said one parent who wished to remain anonymous.

“We have a couple of parents who have voiced concern. There is nervousness about moving forward because it is a significant change. But we don’t have, contrary to other reports, parents revolting” Principal Miller said.

Staff shortage not the issue

However former pupil Nicci Bauer, who now has her own children at Chevalier, said she was concerned about the decision.

“We are worried about the disruption, especially for HSC students who will miss out on face-to-face instruction” she said.

Catholic Schools NSW chief executive Dallas McInerney questioned whether it was a wise move after many children suffered with enforced at-home learning during the pandemic.

“If COVID taught us anything, students can really struggle when they are cast out of school” he told the Herald.

Chevalier College has almost 900 pupils. It is run by the priests and brothers of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.


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