Vatican’s new Nuncio in Washington once served in Wellington

Pope Francis on Tuesday appointed Archbishop Christophe Pierre as the new Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America.

Older catholics will remember that Pierre served as the secretary at the Nunciature in New Zealand.

He came to New Zealand in 1977. It was his first appointment after he joined the Vatican’s diplomatic service.

A polyglot, he speaks English and Spanish fluently. He is “a pastor”, known for his “humility and simplicity” and is “excellent on all fronts”, a source who knows him well confided.

A fellow nuncio described him as “a thoughtful, hardworking man”, and “good listener” with “a great sense of fairness and balanced judgment.”

Gifted with a good sense of humor and a deep voice, the new nuncio can captivate an audience.

According to The Vision, Uganda’s leading daily, he is a man who goes among the people, is ready to help anyone regardless of status.

Born in Rennes, France on January 30, 1946, he spent the greater part of his childhood and early education in Africa, mainly in Madagascar, with some years in Malawi, Zimbabwe and one in Morocco.

He entered the seminary of Saint-Yves in Rennes at the age of 17, but interrupted his studies to do his two-years of military service (1965-’66).


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