King of Morocco says Jews, Christians and Muslims must collaborate to counter jihadist fanaticism

Moroccos King Mohammed VI has invited Muslims, Christians and Jews to combat jihadist “fanaticism and hatred” together. In his letter, he thanked the Pope for his words on terrorism during his recent visit to Poland. The Pope had spoken against identifying fundamentalist violence with the Islamic religion.

The King – who is also a Shiite-Muslim leader – spoke out about the responsibility of “many Islamic groups and institutions” which claim they represent “real Islam” but instead encourage the “spread of an extremist ideology.

“With the proliferation of spread obscurantism in the name of religion, all Muslims, Christians and Jews, must draw up a common front to counter bigotry, hatred and withdrawal in all forms,” the king urged.

The King called on fellow-citizens to be patient, to defend peace and to live in harmony with others.

He also asked them to “continue to uphold the values of their religion as well as their ancient traditions”: this is the best way to respond to the jihadist phenomenon which is “alien to them”.

“We strongly condemn the killing of innocent people,” the King of Morocco added, in reference to the elderly French priest who had his throat slit inside his own church.

The monarch described the assassination of “a priest inside a church” as “unforgiveable madness”. “Whoever incites murder and aggression” using the Quran to do so, “is not a Muslim”, Mohammed said.

“Terrorists who act in the name of Islam are individuals who have been led astray and are condemned to eternal hell”.

Finally, the king observed that jihadism “takes advantage of some young Muslims, especially in Europe, exploiting their ignorance of the Arabic language and true Islam to pass on false and wrong messages and promises”.



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