Carrying the cross the length of New Zealand


Kim Rusden and his wife Joan are walking the length of the country carrying a cross because they believe that is what God wants them to do.

“We’re walking the length of New Zealand with the cross and sharing the gospel along the way to those who would like to hear,” Kim said.

Kim does the walking. Joan takes the couple’s campervan and either drives ahead or behind him.

They started last year, only walking during the school holidays. The first part of the journey began in Wellington and they gradually made their way up to Cape Reinga.

Now they are tackling the South Island beginning at Puponga.

The couple are both self-employed and work in between their stints of walking.

By the end of these school holidays they hope to end just out of Blenheim.

Rusden has worked many years with Open Air Campaigners (OAC now called Outreach and Church Ministries).

Members of OAC believe that it is the responsibility of every Christian to be active in sharing their faith.


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