US based Kiwi Christian rock band changes focus to pre-schoolers

Christian rock

New Zealanders Steve King and Mike Millard performing are Christian music for children in the USA.

They are the stars of a series for pre-schoolers called TuneTime

Steve and Mike are the only remaining members of The Lads, a Christian rock band that started in New Zaland in 1993.

They played at Christian music festivals in New Zealand and Australia.

In 2000 and in 2002 the band picked up New Zealand music awards for Best Gospel Album.

Then in 2005 they moved to Nashville in search of a bigger audience.

“Soon after we arrived we felt like God was directing us to change the focus of our ministry towards kids and families.”

They say they were skeptical to begin with, “we already loved what we were doing and weren’t looking to change.”

But they followed “Gods leading”.

Now their aim is to teach a new generation about God using music, live concerts, videos, curriculum and TV shows.

Their first TV show, The Lads TV, was a fictional version of the band on their quest for musical stardom.

At the end of each show, Murray offered a monologue about that week’s episode, followed by a live performance by the band.

It ran for 17 episodes and was screened in over 180 countries on online streaming service, Jelly Telly.

After that, Jelly Telly commissioned TuneTime which is aimed at preschoolers.

Jelly Telly streams Christian Television shows and movies for children


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