Pharmacists religious views on abortion pills ignored

Pharmacists religious views on medications that cause abortions (called abortifacients are being overruled in the UK.

The “conscience clause” where pharmacists could refer customers wanting  abortifacients to other pharmacies will change on 1 May.

The proposed 1 May changes to standards  could discriminate against those who personal or religious beliefs are against these drugs.

The General Pharmaceutical Council is the independent regulator for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy premises in the UK, says the proposed changes will be “a significant change from the present position”.

Pharmacists who failed to comply with the proposed standards would risk losing their license to practice.

Chris Whitehouse, a trustee of Right to Life, said it would close down options of pharmacy as a career for Christians.

“We have already seen the impact of the Abortion Act in driving those of faith out of careers in obstetrics and gynaecology,” he said.



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