Bolivia’s bishops blast abortion proposal

Bolivia’s bishops conference is  begging everyone “to defend the right to life”.
They say this right is seriously threatened  by current proposals to abort infants.

If accepted, four proposals could end life during the infant’s first eight weeks; five other proposals could abort the child at any time during the pregnancy.

Some of the reasons for aborting infants at any stage include situations where their mother’s life is at risk.

They can also be aborted if they might be disabled or if their young  mother’s pregnancy is a result of rape or incest.

Money is also a reason for abortion, suggest the proposals.

Therefore, so long as the infant is in the first eight weeks of gestation, abortions could be given.

Early-stage abortions could be given, for example, where there are no resources to bring up the child; where the mother is a student; or  to prevent a risk to the mother’s general health.

“As the Church, we cannot accept these premises,” said Bishop Aurelio Pesoa Ribera, the Secretary General of the Bishop’s Conference.

“The state has the obligation to implement public policies aimed at improving the lives of people and policies of support to pregnant woman, as well as violence prevention.”

Ribera said if amended, the law would establish “poverty” as a reason to get away with infanticide and euthanasia.


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