Republican attorneys general threaten YouTube over ‘misleading’ label on pro-life videos

Sixteen Republican attorneys general are threatening legal action against YouTube and its parent company, Google, for placing a “misleading” label on pro-life videos.

Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird led the effort to send a letter to Google executive Neal Mohan on Monday regarding labels placed on pro-life videos on the social media platform.

The letter said the notices violate the First Amendment and spread “false” information about abortion that “minimizes and downplays some of the serious risks of abortion drugs,” potentially endangering women’s lives.

The letter cites an example of a pro-life video on YouTube about chemical abortion posted by Alliance Defending Freedom in February. Under the video, a notice appears with the title “Abortion Health Information.” The message says that surgical and chemical abortion are procedures “to end a pregnancy” done “by a licensed health care professional.”

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