Marist College preparing students for the digital age

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Marist College, a girls’ Catholic secondary school in Mt Albert, endeavours to equip its students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be successful in the digital age.

It wants the students to have the confidence to select the areas in which their interests lie; and with the skills required to take their learning further in these areas.

So three years ago the school employed a digital technology teacher.

Since then Rebecca Ronald has put in place an innovative programme for her students.

She has also been supporting other teachers in their use of digital technology.

“I can’t possibly teach the girls everything they need to know about technology – it would be out of date the following day.”

“Instead we work on developing skills such as confidence to experiment and problem-solve, enjoying the process of learning and welcoming mistakes or false starts.”

In an interview published last year Ronald said despite an increase in computing at primary level, a large chunk of secondary school students have missed out.

In 2016, her year 12 computing class had 12 students. “The idea that it is a career option and what it looks like for many of these kids is just way off in the distance,” Ronald says.

“Most have no idea of what a job in IT would look like.”

“Computing would just open so many more doors to options in a future that right now we have no idea will look like.”

At Marist College the students are introduced to role models in the tech industry, and it is made very clear becoming a programmer or designer are achievable goals.

“By showing the girls these role models are learners just like themselves, and by encouraging students to ‘be the teacher’ and to share their discoveries with others in the school community (including teachers), we allow them to develop a sense of self-efficacy and confidence we hope will stay with them throughout their lives.”


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