Religious freedom is absolute

Fijian Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa used Easter as an opportunity to call for Fiji to safeguard religious freedom in Fiji.

“Fiji must be committed to safeguarding and upholding this fundamental human right, by defending the right of every citizen to practise Christianity or any other religion at home and abroad.”

Kepa said Easter was a time for reflecting on the role Christianity plays in Fiji.

In her Easter message, she said many Fijians are firmly convicted that the country was founded on the principles, values and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

“Love above all, mutual respect and self-sacrifice for the greater good are some of the qualities reflected in Christ’s life.”

“Before I end, at the very heart of Christian teaching is the lesson to ‘love thy neighbour’ and I invite all of us to reflect this sentiment in our daily lives.”

In March 2014 Kepa was elected leader of the newly formed Social Democratic Liberal Party.

She led the party into the 2014 election. The party won 15 of the 50 parliamentary seats.

Kepa, who won 49,485 votes in her own name, was the second-highest ranked candidate behind Bainimarama.

On 6 October 2014 She was appointed Leader of the Opposition.

In June 2016, Kepa announced that she was standing down as leader of SODELPA.

She was replaced by former Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka.

in 2004 Kepa succeeded her late sister, former Ro Lady Lala Mara, as Roko Tui Dreketi, or Paramount Chief of Dreketi.

This is considered to be the highest title in the Burebasaga Confederacy, one of three “confederacies”, or tribal networks, of Fijian chiefs.

Ro Teimumu Kepa is the widow of Sailosi Kepa, a former High Commissioner to London, Minister of Justice and Attorney General.

He went on to become a High Court Judge, Ombudsman, and first chairman of Fiji’s Human Rights Commission.


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