Putin draws Jesus parallel in advocating ‘traditional values’

Traditional values

Russian President Vladimir Putin has likened himself to Jesus Christ as he explained his mission to uphold ‘traditional values’ to children.

In a video call to mark the opening of children’s centres near Moscow, he was heard speaking in overtly religious terms about the need to shape the worldview of young Russians.

Putin emphasised the importance of combatting what he terms the West’s “Satanic” values.

During the call, the Kremlin leader referenced various Bible quotes. This is an escalating trend of using religion to rationalise his harsh campaign in Ukraine.

Drawing parallels from biblical narratives, Putin referenced Peter and Andrew as examples of individuals who spread the word of God under Jesus’ guidance. He likened their mission to his own efforts to safeguard Russian culture and traditions.

In a meeting of Russian officials, Putin asked: “Do you remember how Jesus came to Galilee and saw the fishermen beside the Sea of Galilee?

“One was catching fish, another was fixing his net. And He said to them: ‘Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men, fishers of human souls’. They became his evangelists, his students.

“This was very important at a time when world religions were developing … but it is no less current now, when we must defend our traditional values, our culture, our traditions and our history. This is very important for the future of the country.”

“Miracle of God”

Putin stressed the importance of preserving traditional values for the country’s future. These values encompassed not only Christianity but also Islam, Judaism and Buddhism which he identified as Russia’s other “traditional religions”.

Around 70% of Russian citizens identify as Christian and Putin is aware of this.

Patriarch Kirill, leader of the Russian Orthodox Christian church, is close to Putin. He called Putin’s long stint at the top a “miracle of God”.

Kirill previously proclaimed that Russian soldiers who died in the line of duty in Ukraine had all of their sins forgiven. He compared their sacrificial death to that of Jesus.


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