New Christian party seeks clarification – not right wing or anti-refugee

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Claire Holley, co-founder of GOdsownnz wants to make it clear that the graphics on the party’s website were not sourced from Freedom of Speech Productions FaceBook pages, as  reported by CathNews.

She said GOdsownnz did not source the graphics on their website from either of the Facebook pages mentioned in the news item.

“I purely copied the images from FaceBook posts that came across my FaceBook page – ‘public’ posts I believe,” said Holley.

“They seemed appropriate to where we stand on freedom of speech, and left-wing judgmentalism and social engineering.”

“We (GOdsownnz and myself and others managing the Party) do not align ourselves with ‘Freedom of Speech USA’ nor ‘The Australian Freedom of Speech Productions’. she said.

“We have never been on their websites, FaceBook pages. We are not ‘right-wing’. We are not “anti-refugee”, however we do not agree with the Islam religion or it’s extremists.

“I would really appreciate a correction in CathNews to amend your reporting on this issue.”

“We do not want a false impression going out, of where we are coming from.”

CathNews apologies for the mistake.

In their media release GOdsownNZ says it is is here “to stand for the New Zealand we once knew, want to retain, and continue to improve.”

“We want to ensure that right is actually right, and wrong is understood as wrong. We hold to conservative Christian beliefs and practice – but there is nothing wrong with that! New Zealand’s heritage is Christian, many New Zealanders identify as Christian, and we are proud of that!”

“Today, Christianity is made out to be a bad, wrong thing…what is actually a bad thing is all the PC, liberal, social engineering that ‘normalises’ things that are actually wrong and makes out they are right, and judges those things that are right, to be wrong.”


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