Introducing Synod 2017: Go you are sent

Synod 2017: Go you are sent

An invitation to a workshop for Synod 2017 saw over 300 parishioners from the Wellington Archdiocese’s North Island parishes working together on Sunday.

This was the second Synod workshop for the Archdiocese. South Island parishes met in Nelson last week.

After opening the workshop with prayer and reflection, Cardinal John Dew provided a context for the Synod process and the topic workshop participants would reflect on.

Diocesan Synod’s are “noble institutions in which priests and laity co-operate with the bishop for the good of the whole church – in this case the church in the Archdiocese of Wellington,” he explained.

“We all need to learn how to work together, and to draw others into the life of our communities.

“We need to be in communion with one another, recognising the light of the Trinity shining in the faces of each other, to share joys and sorrows, see what’s positive in others and see gifts as gifts from God.

“Everyone can be involved and use their gifts. We’re all responsible for finding new ways to travel together through prayer, reflection and revelations from the Holy Spirit”.

“Not everyone can take part in the Synod in September as we are limited to 350 participants, but everyone can take part in the participation process. This process will decide what the Synod will consider, so it is very important.”

He explained during the workshop participants would come together in small groups using a “discernment process”, which would offer everyone an opportunity for “journeying together”.

This involved everyone considering what a parish that fully embraced the Synod theme ‘Go you are sent’ would look like, asking themselves what the Holy Spirit was saying to them, sharing the outcome and listening to others.

It is important to listen “inwards” before speaking – and to realise that when group ideas converge the Holy Spirit is active and present.

This is the process parishioners are being asked to use in reflecting upon their input to the participation process and participants will use during the Synod.

Summaries of group discussions at the workshops have been collected, and will form part of the input to the participation process which will decide the Synod agenda.


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