Spiritually speaking, ‘Ordinary Time’ is anything but

Today in the liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church, we go back to Ordinary Time.

At first, the designation might seem a bit peculiar, since the word “ordinary” is oftentimes associated with things that are unimportant, insignificant, or just downright boring.

The Church couldn’t possibly mean these types of things when speaking of the liturgy or a season of liturgies within the year.

And so, what exactly is meant by Ordinary Time?

Well, the first answer is very practical.

In light of the past several high holy days – from Ascension, Pentecost, Holy Trinity Sunday, to Corpus Christi – today and the next several Sundays are rather uneventful, meaning, without a major event or teaching associated with them.

After so many powerful feast days, the Church now returns to a season of typical Sundays and to a normal pace in the liturgy.

With this observation stated clearly, someone could innocently inquire about the focus of the Ordinary Time Masses. What does the Church give to believers who attend the liturgy during this season?

This question might even be asked by those who regularly attend Mass but have never paid attention to the different seasons or to the shift in the various emphases of the seasons.

During Ordinary Time, the Church’s prayers and selections of readings from the Sacred Scriptures have believers accompany the Lord Jesus in his public ministry.

The Church selects healings, signs, and essential teachings from the life of Jesus Christ so that followers can be reminded, reaffirmed, consoled, and challenged in how they are living the Christian way of life.

Through Ordinary Time, the community of disciples are once again told by the Lord to forgive, accept others generously, be healed and serve as instruments of healing, seek peace, live humbly, pray and trust in his care for them. Continue reading


  • Crux article by Fr Jeffrey J Kirby, a Catholic priest of the Diocese of Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Image: Saints 365
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