Australia’s first Catholic liturgy podcast launched

Catholic liturgy podcast

Australia’s first Catholic liturgy podcast has been launched.

Australian Catholic University (ACU) experts say it explores Australian and global perspectives on liturgy and sacramental theology, music and art.

It is the ACU Centre for Liturgy’s most recent initiative. It aims to enhance the liturgical apostolate in Australia.

Speaking of Liturgy features local and international experts discussing several liturgical topics.

The first six episodes explore a variety of liturgical contexts. Each episode emphasises best practice.

The first one looks at schools. How do schools embrace their ecclesial identity? How do they strengthen their identity and mission through celebrating the liturgy well?

Future episodes will feature conversations including advice for good preaching and pastoral care for the sick and dying.

Why have a Catholic liturgy podcast?

Centre for Liturgy director Professor Clare Johnson explains the podcast’s genesis.

“We wanted to improve Australian Catholics’ liturgical literacy”, she says. The Centre hopes using a range of media will help expand liturgical formation opportunities.

The Centre’s mission is to foster the whole liturgical apostolate, Johnson says. “We are constantly trying to evolve and engage audiences in different ways.”

While there are other liturgy podcasts available, they’re not specifically Australian.

“We wanted to create a podcast that speaks specifically about liturgy today in the Australian context,” she says.

“We’re proud that our podcasts are created by Australian liturgical experts along with some wonderful and enriching international liturgy colleagues.

“Australians who are committed to the Christian life should have access to resources reflecting their Australian culture as well as international perspectives.”

Johnson hopes the podcast will inspire and encourage everyone engaged in liturgical celebrations in Australian parishes, schools and other Catholic communities.

“We are excited to launch this new podcast and … the possibilities it offers for exploring sacred liturgies, our rich and indispensable source of true Christian life,” she says.

To listen to the podcast, go to Speaking of Liturgy.


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