Al Quaeda releases video of kidnapped nun

An Al Quaeda affiliate group Nusrat al-Islam wal Muslimeen has released a video of kidnapped Colombian nun Sister Gloria Cecilia Narváez.

Narváez, a missionary sister, was kidnapped in February. She had been working in Karangasso, Mali, caring for orphans, teaching adult women to read and write, dispensing needed medications and giving assistance to women.

On the video she explains how she was kidnapped, says she is good health and asks her sisters to pray for her.

The Al Quaeda video includes five other kidnapped foreigners. They include three female missionaries from Australia, France and Romania, plus two other captives from South Africa and Switzerland.

According to the US-based monitoring group SITE, the 17 minute-footage features an English narrator who appears with his face obscured.

He introduces each of the hostages and tells their families that no negotiations have taken place for their release.

He goes on to direct a message to the captives’ governments saying: “The fate of your children and citizens are within your hands. The demands of the mujahideen are simple and legitimate.To the families of the captives we say: If you desire a genuine and earnest solution for your children, then you yourselves strive to rescue them.

“We also inform you that of this moment, no genuine negotiations have begun to rescue your children. We inform you of this in case a third party deludes you that all things are going as planned and everything is ok.

“Having said this, negotiations with the mujahideen are still active. We also inform you that there are hidden hands playing with these files and are playing with the safety and lives of your children. And proof of this is in the quick and swift release of former French captive held by the mujahideen in and outside of Mali.’


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