$1,425 ‘Jesus Shoes’ filled with holy water sell out in 1 minute flat

In a first-century collaboration (we mean the A.D. era, people), a Brooklyn-based company created $1,425 customized Nike sneakers called “Jesus Shoes” — that sold out in one minute.

The sneakers, a pair of Nike Air Max 97s injected with holy water derived from the Jordan River in the Middle East and adorned with a steel crucifix, are by creative label MSCHF.

Head of commerce Daniel Greenberg, 22, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that an August brainstorm meeting on brand partnerships, including one between Adidas-Arizona, produced the winning idea.

“I said, ‘What would a collab look like with Jesus Christ?” Greenberg tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “You could say Jesus is the most influential person of all time.” Read more

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