What would ‘Jesus’ do? Now you can find out

Recently, a depiction of Jesus Christ generated by artificial intelligence (AI) has been surfacing on Twitch’s online streaming platform. This portrayal is of a white man, which is likely inaccurate. The backdrop is ethereal.

The bot has answered various types of questions, ranging from relationship advice to opinions on pizza toppings and discussions on capitalism’s virtues and vices. According to NBC News, the bot clarifies that it is not a religious figure but rather an AI-powered assistant that provides guidance and wisdom based on the teachings of Jesus. It does not claim to be an authoritative voice..

During an event in Seoul, Sam Altman, the CEO of Open AI, which is the company behind ChatGPT, emphasised the need for “global cooperation” to regulate generative artificial intelligence. He stated that the increasing power of these systems is a cause for special concern and has a global impact. Read more

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