French bishops happy with new Mass translation

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The French Bishop’s Conference is pleased to have finally received approval for its new Mass translation.

President of France’s Episcopal Commission for Liturgy and Sacramental Pastoral Care, Bishop Buy de Kerimel told La Croix that it changes very little for the people.

Kerimel said the changes were more significant for the priests.

Acknowledging that liturgy is ‘always’ a sensitive point, Kerimel suggested it is most likely that everyone will not be fully satisfied by the new translation.

Kerimel acknowledged the process to get the approval had been lengthy.

It began in 2002 as a response to Liturgical authenticam during Pope John Paul II’s pontificate, he said.

Kerimel said there had been many round trips to Rome, but progress became more real with Pope Francis’ 2017 moto proprio “Magnum principium”.

Magnum principium “gave back a flexibility to the translation, according to a triple fidelity: fidelity to the Latin text, fidelity to the language of translation and fidelity to the understanding of the faithful”, Kerimel told La Croix.

“This allowed us to adjust the translation”, he said.

He acknowledged the need for significant work to help get the new Mass translation received.

Kerimel said the final text was sent to Rome last September and the return was quick.

The Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments, Cardinal Robert Sarah, signed the decree of confirmation on October 1.

Kerimel said all the work would be worth it if it helps the Church in France understand what it is communicating, and it allows the Church to rediscover the meaning of the Eucharistic liturgy.

He acknowledges that it is difficult to articulate the mystery of God using words.

The new translation should be ready for implementation in Advent 2020 and become definitive from May 24, 2021, the memorial of Mary, mother of the Church.

The completed English translation received the approval of the Holy See in April 2010 and was put into effect in most countries at the end of November 2011.



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