100-year-old French woman to finish the Camino de Santiago

Simone Hivert, a 100-year-old French woman, is scheduled to reach the popular shrine of Santiago de Compostela, the alleged burial site of St. James the Apostle and an important pilgrimage destination since the 9th century, later this month.

Hivert – described as “a most extraordinary pilgrim” is due to arrive at the shrine in northwestern Spain on October 27th after joining a group of friends to walk the final 21 kilometers. They began the pilgrimage back in 2001.

The petite Hivert, an avid hiker, has astonished people by her stamina. She was featured two years ago in the pages of La Charente Libre as a ray of winter sunshine, with her walking stick in hand, short hair blowing in the wind and a broad smile on her face. Read more

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