National March for Life; voice for pre-born children at Parliament

Over a thousand people gathered in Wellington last Saturday to give a voice to pre-born children in the National March for Life.

The event celebrates the value of life and the unborn child and offers a peaceful protest against New Zealand’s abortion laws.

“Forty-three years ago, Parliament passed a law that said not all unborn children have a right to life,” organisers say.

“Under that law more than half a million pre-born children were aborted.

“Abortion not only takes the life of a human being, it wounds women physically, emotionally, and spiritually; and families are negatively affected.

“New Zealanders love both women and their unborn children, and we want the law to reflect that love.”

Among the organisations at the March for Life was Gianna’s Choice Mobile Life Centre, a Family Life International programme.

Its founder/director spoke of the pro-life movement’s willingness to serve and support mothers when they most need help.

“When people see the Centre, a whole new world of possibilities of reaching abortion-vulnerable women is opened up for them,” said Colleen Bayer.

Another organisation at the march was South Auckland’s ProLove. In the few months since it was founded, ProLove says it has distributed 500 boxes of goods to mothers and babies in need the local community.

Former National List MP Agnes Loheni spoke when the March reached parliament grounds.

Loheni, who sat on the Abortion Legislation Committee, said although the State will protect some vulnerable, pre-born babies are not included.

“History … will not judge the passing of this Abortion Legislation kindly.”

The coming restrictions on speech about abortion are concerning, Loheni said.

It “is only a short jump from banning speech outside an abortion clinic to banning speech that is anti-abortion,” she said.

Pro-life politician, Simon O’Connor, acknowledges the difficult decision made by women who have had an abortion.

“To those mums … we stand with you, we love you, we support you,” he stated.

He challenged fathers who pressure women into abortion “to love them and to love your child …”.

Recognizing “that much death has been legislated” this year, he encouraged the crowd to: “Have those conversations … In a few years’ time we will … celebrate that life has once more returned to Aotearoa.”

A message delivered via video by Lila Rose, the founder and director of Live Action, an educational and activist pro-life group in the United States was broadcast to the crowd.

There are three important tasks to continue with now the March for Life has been held, she said: education, involvement and prayer.

“The movement isn’t just today,” she stated. “The movement is throughout the year until we reach victory, which is the complete ending of abortion and the rebuilding of a culture of life.”

A small group of counter protestors were also present during the event.

They followed the March for Life from Civic Square to Parliament where they had booked lawn space.

Here, March attendees were able to positively interact with some of the protestors, who were generally young.


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