Sri Lankan priest seeks Supreme Court protection

Supreme Court protection

A Sri Lankan priest has asked for Supreme Court protection.

Fr Amila Jeewantha Peirism is asking for the Court’s protection to safeguard his fundamental rights and prevent his arrest. He has been a key figure during Sri Lanka’s anti-government protests.

The priest says as a responsible citizen he actively participated in the peaceful anti-government struggle, but is concerned he may be arrested on false charges.

The police say they have orders to arrest him and a court has put a foreign travel ban on him.

Over 1,600 Catholic priests, nuns and brothers have made statements on his behalf. They are lobbying against attempts to pressure Jeewantha and other protesters.

A student who worked with Jeewantha said he “always stood for non-violence and could never [despite accusations] cause damage to public property.”

Protesters have been arrested

Prominent protester Dhaniz Ali was arrested when he was about to board an international flight from Colombo last week.

Unidentified men in civilian clothes abducted Veranga Pushpika. He is a former student activist and journalist who had also been active in the anti-government protest.

Police have launched an investigation against Kayleigh “Kayz” Fraser. The British woman is said to be actively involved in the protests. The Department of Immigration confiscated her passport on Tuesday.

Authorities said that she had brought disrepute to Sri Lanka and its security forces on the international stage.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) is not impressed with the Sri Lankan government.

It is using emergency regulations to harass and arbitrarily detain activists seeking political reform and accountability for the country’s economic crisis, HRW says.

“The government needs to end its repressive policies and practices and act urgently to address people’s basic needs, win public trust and uphold the rule of law by holding those responsible to account.”

Shehan Malaka is an activist who was abducted for seeking justice for Easter attack victims. He says there is a need to safeguard priests, nuns, activists, students and lawyers involved in anti-government protests.


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