Curious dog falls into a grave

Cochise the dog, was accompanying his owner Paulie at his uncle George’s funeral in Auckland. Unfortunately, during the service, one of the children unclipped his lead.

After getting curious and slipping on the green matting Cochise fell into the grave and barked while the priest was giving his eulogy,

In a remarkable video, Cochise can be seen sitting at the bottom of the grave looking up as the coffin sits above ready to be lowered.

Someone had to jump into the grave after the coffin was moved to pull the dog out. “Never knew you’d go in there before your dad,” a woman said off-camera.

Thankfully, the episode was welcomed by those present. “Everyone found it highly amusing, and it really lightened the mood of the funeral,” Paulie said.

The video made its way on TikTok and has gone viral receiving over 600,000 views and 600 comments.

Several comments expressed the desire to have a similar laid-back funeral.  Read more and watch the video

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