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9,000 religious venues will be lost by 2020

Thursday, March 14th, 2019

In Canada alone, 9,000 religious venues will be lost by 2020. The National Trust for Canada says this amounts to one-third of faith-based buildings. Their imminent closure is a result of funding shortfalls. Read more Related Posts:Massive increase in pokie-machine profits recordedReligion contributes $67.5 billion to Canadian economyItaly predicts decline in births following coronavirusRabbinic group Read more

Canada laying groundwork for child euthanasia

Thursday, October 11th, 2018
child euthanasia

Euthanasia was authorised by Canada’s Supreme Court in June 2016. It was a controversial decision and the controversy is far from over. Three issues were left hanging: euthanasia for “mature minors”, euthanasia for people with mental illness, and advance directives for euthanasia. The government asked the Council of Canadian Academies to produce a report on Read more

Children assisted to die without parental consent

Monday, October 8th, 2018

Toronto’s Sick-Children’s hospital (Sick Kids) has published policies and procedures for Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) that include scenarios where parents aren’t informed until after their child dies. The article by Sick Children’s doctors, administrators and ethicists and backed by the University of Toronto’s Joint Centre for Bioethics was published last month in British Medical Read more

Marijuana use is a sin regardless of legality

Thursday, June 28th, 2018

Marijuana will become legal in Canada in October, but using it will remain a sin, Canada’s bishops say. It “violates the virtue of temperance” and should be avoided unless being used for medicinal purposes. “The virtue … ‘disposes us to avoid every kind of excess: the abuse of food, alcohol, tobacco or medicine,’” Frank Leo, Read more

No papal apology for Canadian First Nations People

Thursday, April 5th, 2018

Survivors of a Canadian system that forced generations of indigenous children into mainly Catholic-run boarding schools won’t be getting an apology from Pope Francis. The Canadian Council of Bishops (CCB) said last week “after carefully considering the request” for an apology, Francis “felt that he could not personally respond”. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has expressed Read more

Sex-education curriculum includes marital rape

Monday, October 30th, 2017

A Catholic sex-education curriculum that questions the importance of “sexual consent” in marriage is causing a row in Canada. The curriculum, which is being developed for students from kindergarten to Grade 12 in Alberta, Canada, is being rejected by the province’s Premier Rachel Notley. Describing the curriculum as “dangerous”, Notley says it “will never be Read more

Church apology to indigenous Canadians needed

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

An apology from the Catholic Church to indigenous Canadians is important, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told Pope Francis in an audience this week. There is much to apologise to Canada’s indigenous community for, Trudeau indicated. He told Francis about a third (150,000) of indigenous Canadians were forcibly removed from their families  and put into residential Read more

No anointing for people planning assisted suicide: Prelate

Friday, February 26th, 2016

A Canadian archbishop has said that priests should not give the sacrament of anointing of the sick to a person who is intending to die by assisted suicide. Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa said it is inappropriate for a person intent on assisted suicide to request this sacrament. “Asking your priest to be present to Read more

Cancer prompts 91-year-old to admit killing woman in 1946

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

A 91-year-old man diagnosed with cancer has confessed to killing a woman nearly 70 years ago. The elderly man, living in a care home in Canada, told police he had shot a prostitute called Margaret Cook, aged 26, in Carnaby Street in London in 1946, after a dispute about money. It is believed the man Read more

Sales of bottled water banned at Catholic schools

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Students at Catholic schools in Saskatoon in Canada will no longer be able to buy a bottle of water at school. Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools (GSCS) is eliminating plastic bottled water from vending machines, cafeterias, school-related events and meetings. The reasons given are environmental consciousness and solidarity with people in the world who lack clean Read more