Church is telling tenants to move off land in Apia town area

The Church is telling tenants to move off the land it owns in the Taufusi-Saleufi-Fugalei and Togafu’afu’a area of Apia.

Church spokesman, Father Penitito Mauga, said that the Church wants to pool its vast tracts of land in the town area and lease it to businesses at a higher rate.

“We have very few sources of income but have a lot of assets. The church is undergoing several expensive development projects that require lots of money. The Mulivai Cathedral for example.” he said

Father Penitito said tenants have been given the option of buying land or take up a relocation package of a free quarter-acre at Moamoa and $30,000 cash.

In May the church said the move was the realisation of plans to expand the business locations in Apia.  The Director of Lands with the Catholic Church, Fuimaono Foutanu Eti O. Lino was reported by the Samoa Observer as saying, “It’s not our initiation. It’s the Government’s initiation to allow businesses to develop for the betterment of the country.”

Many of the Church leases at Saleufi and Fugalei have been vacated with families having already relocated to Moamoa.

Savali News also reports that The Church has also has agreed to allocate over 1,500 acres of Church land up at Malololelei and Lepiu for a national reserve.

“Over a thousand acres in the water catchment area will be given to government, but tied to certain conditions including compensation. Another 500 acres and more – which is identified as crucial watershed areas including gullies and waterways – will be held in a Trusteeship between government and the Church” said Fr Penitito


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