TVNZ’s Race debate “hyperbole, and lies”

On Tuesday night the a programme on New Zealand Television’s TV1 Closeup, touted as the race debate, pitted Hone Harawera against John Ansell with commentator Morgan Godfrey added, presumably as a moderating voice of reason.

Godfrey has expressed disappointment at the manner in which the debate was conducted

“I was, more than anything, stunned and confused with what was said last night,” says Godfrey, “and, I think understandably, angry with Mark Sainsbury’s unwillingness to shift the conversation towards reason, as opposed to hyperbole, misrepresentations and lies which is where Sainsbury directed the discussion.”

Tuesday’s programme was a follow up to a Closeup inerview on Monday night with Wikatana Popata, who said he had “had enough of Pakeha. Close Up’s Facebook page went into overdrive with nearly 2000 comments on this one issue. Some were in support of Popata, but the overwhelming majority were not.

Morgan Godfrey is a Wellington-based law student and commentator on Maori politics.


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