Sudan president: only way to negotiate is with bullets and rifles

Sudanese president Omar al Bashir says the only way to negotiate with the South Sudanese is “with bullets and rifles.”

Bashir’s rhetoric and the attitude of the United Nations has Caritas Internationalis warning that Sudan and  South Sudan are just a step away from the brink of full-scale war.

Caritas is urging the Sudanese leaders to find a way to achieve peace.

In a statement yesterday, Caritas warned of possible dire humanitarian consequences for both Sudan and South Sudan unless there is a pull back from further military action.

Peace can be achieved only by returning to the negotiating table and fully implementing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, said Caritas Internationalis Secretary General Michel Roy.

“Both sides must exercise restraint. They have a duty to all their people and must ensure their safety. This includes refraining from inflammatory language that incites violence against minorities.”

The Archbishop of Juba, in South Sudan, Paulino Lukudu Lora, is also extremely concerned at what’s happening and is appealing to the international community to help demarcate the border.

“This is an economic conflict for the control of oil. South Sudan is ready to reach an agreement with Sudan on oil.”

Lora says the attitude of the United Nations is very disappointing. He is accusing the organisation of making premature judgements about the situation without knowing the reality.

Lora says that it is particularly important to understand the geography of the region, and in particular understand exactly where Heglig is, is it in South Sudan or Sudan?

He is calling on international representatives to demarcate the boundary between the two countries.

Over 500,000 South Sudanese live in Sudan. Relations at a community level between the predominately Muslim Sudanese and the Christian South Sudanese remain good.

“Caritas Internationalis stands in solidarity with the people of Sudan and South Sudan. We are committed to supporting the efforts of the Church at providing humanitarian assistance and fostering peace between the nations,” said Roy.


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