Solomon’s Archbishop says send unemployed people home

The Archbishop of the Church of Melenesia, David Vunagi, says  unemployed people should be sent away from the capital, Honiara, in a bid to reduce crime.

“As long as we continue to have people who are doing nothing in Honiara, this is where all this criminal activity is beginning to develop; stealing, shoplifting, even snatching people’s bags as they walk past, all these things. And even worse, even wounding and killing,” he said.

He says the church is doing as much as it can. “But there are members of the community, who escape the net of the church, and this is where I believe the government, the law of the country needs to be firm, needs to be articulate to address such issues.”

A reconciliation that toook place on Monday ceremony is believed to have eased tensions caused by acts of violence in Honiara over the last 10 days

During the ceremony, compensation was paid to the families and victims of the violence.


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