Don’t hurry conclave US cardinals say

Two of the 117 cardinals to elect the new pope, both who live outside Rome are in no rush for the Conclave to be convened.

New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Chicago’s Cardinal Francis George have both expressed a little concern about the bringing the conclave forward.

Cardinal George told reporters, Sunday after celebrating Mass, there should be no rush to convene the conclave because the days leading up to the election are when cardinals can lean the most about the candidates.

“You take the time needed to make a good decision … We will go into conclave when collectively the cardinals decide that we have [had] the conversations necessary to make a good decision,” said George, as reported by the Chicago Tribune.

“The most important thing is to choose well, and we’ll take the time necessary to do that.”

And while eager to hear some information and instructions, Cardinal Timothy Dolan admitted, Saturday, to not yet hearing anything.

“I’m eager along with the rest of the cardinals to hear some information and instructions about what will happen” he said, adding, “I would think one would not want to rush into the conclave.”

The conclave, the meeting which will bring together the 117 cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church, could start before March 15 if all the cardinals are already in Rome, Vatican Spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi said.

Lombardi had previously said the conclave was likely to start between March 15 and 19, however recently gave new details saying because the pope has resigned, the conclave could be brought forward.

Well informed Editor of the Irish Catholic, Michael Kelly (@michaelkellyic) tweeted two days ago “Non Rome-based cardinals not happy about possibility of #Conclave being brought forward…I think they suspect Curia is up to something.”


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