Auckland Justice & Peace Commission concerned about gambling

The Gambling (Harm Reduction) Amendment Bill passed its final reading on Wednesday night.

In its original form, the Bill would have required gaming machine proceeds to be solely distributed locally.

It would also have forced machine operators to track players and provide pre-paid cards.

But these provisions were scrapped during the select-committee stage, to ensure the Government would support the bill.

The Justice & Peace Commission of the Catholic Diocese of Auckland has expressed deep concern that the original version of the Bill has not been passed by Parliament.

The Commission considers that unless the Government follows through with effective regulations to replace important parts of the bill that were removed in the Committee stage, then this law will not live up to its title.

“We understand the Government intends to consult with industry and community stakeholders before making regulations.”

“The Commission calls on the Government to keep as a paramount consideration promotion of the common good, bearing in mind the hundreds of millions lost in machine gambling each year, mostly in our poorest towns and suburbs.”


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