Solomon Islands looking at NZ’s experience of intergrating schools

Experienced educationalist Brendan Schollum, a former principal at Sacred Heart College in Auckland and the foundation principal at Aquinas College, Tauranga, is to travel to the Solomons in late September to work with and advise the archdiocese of Honiara’s education office.

The education secretary for the archdiocese of Honiara, Cypriano Nuake, was in New Zealand for three weeks from late August in what he called a “look and learn” visit. He was accompanied by Mr Schollum on visits to schools and education offices in Auckland, Wellington, the Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Northland.

Nuake is keen to learn more about New Zealand integrated school funding models because the Solomon Islands’ Government wants to decentralise education, with provincial administrations and churches running schools, but with the state continuing to fund them.

The Solomon Islands Government has chosen Honiara archdiocese as one of the pilot agencies to pilot this transition.


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