NZ among highest cannabis users

New Zealanders are among the highest users of cannabis in the world, and the debate over whether it should be legal continues.

In 2008, about 14 per cent of New Zealanders had used cannabis, the Ministry of Health’s alcohol and drug use survey reports.

According to the United Nation’s World Drug report, that puts us up there as one of the highest-using countries in the world.

A Christchurch Health and Development Study estimates that nearly 80 per cent of young people have used cannabis on at least one occasion:

And 10 per cent have developed a pattern of heavy use consistent with a diagnosis of cannabis dependence. Heavy cannabis use is more common in males and amongst Māori.

These findings have been based on South Island samples recruited in Dunedin and Christchurch but it is likely that the patterns of use found in these samples will apply to North Island settings.

Ngatokorima Lamkum, 16, says while it’s different for each area in Auckland, in his social circle, there are people whose parents grow pot. “It’s families who are doing it, and everyone networks through that.” Continue reading.

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