Brother George receives a Human Rights Award

Brother George Van der Zant has received a Solomon Islands Human Rights Award.

The award recognises his efforts to advance the education of youth with disabilities.

George is the Director of the San IsiDro Care Centre at Aruligo in Guadalcanal.

He has been a brother for 57 years and has spent 42 years working in the Solomon Islands.

Last year he said he wanted to make it clear that the Care Centre is for every student with special needs in Solomon Islands.

He had to make the clarification because some people thought the Centre is only for “Catholic students.”

Speaking to SIBC News Brother George made it clear San IsiDro Care Centre is not just for catholic students but welcomes anyone with special needs regardless of denomination and origin.

The aim of the Care Centre is to equip students with special needs so they know how to make a living for themselves, families and community as a whole.

The San Isi Dro Care Centre began in Aruligo in 2007 and has graduated more than 40 students to date.


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