Bishops Jones suffers third stroke

Doctors hope to have Christchurch  bishop Barry Jones on his feet soon after he suffered his third stroke.

Vicar general Father Rick Loughnan confirmed Jones was taken to hospital from his Christchurch home about midday Sunday after suffering a stroke.

It is Jones’ third stroke in recent years. His second happened around October 14 after which he spent a night in hospital.

He had planned to rest for two weeks before returning to work recently, according to the diocese’s website.

“He is able to communicate well and the medical staff are confident they will have him on his feet soon,” the diocese said in a statement on Monday.

“Please continue to keep him in your prayers.”

Jones, who is expected to retire when he turns 75 next year, had asked for no visitors at this time.

Meanwhile, Loughnan will oversee diocesan matters.

Jones is the ninth Catholic Bishop of Christchurch.

He was appointed as coadjutor bishop of Christchurch, on 28 June 2006

When his predecessor, Bishop John Cunneen,retired in May 2007 he became the Bishop.


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