Texas Baptists feed the hungry in Spain

Every week, Texan Baptists provide groceries to feed about 50 hungry families in Cerdanyola, Spain.

The church partners with the local government to raise awareness of the ministry in the neighborhood.

“The results have been humbling,” Daniel Banyuls, who has been a pastor at the Baptist Iglesia Evangelica,  in Cerdanyola  for the past 15 years.

The need for help in the Cerdanyola community is great. Many people are suffering from the economic crisis of 2008. Providing basics like milk, bread, rice and meat has had been noticed in the area.

When the Baptist church began the feeding ministry 20 years ago, the community began to take notice.

Now, most people in Cerdanyola know about the church and have seen the members serving as a way of showing their faith.

Social Ministry

“As a Christian, it is a way to be known as the city—to be a light and a testimony here,” a church member 36 years who volunteers each week at the feeding ministry.

“The neighbors know us through this social ministry. This is a great way for the church to be known through this area.”

One neighbor visits the ministry every two weeks to receive food for herself and her paraplegic son, who has been paralyzed 12 years. She is unable to work because her son needs full-time care at her home.

Without the food ministry, her family would be unable to make ends meet.



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