Peter’s College students make film to honour friend

In January, St Peter’s College student Robbie Taylor, died after the car he was travelling in crashed into a tree on Ian McKinnon Drive, in Eden Terrace.

Now, some Peter’s College students make film to honour friend.

Three of his closest friends, James Sutherland-Cameron, Oliver van Lent and Ned Drumm, have spent a month putting together the video, titled Robbie.

“How do we handle grief? What happens following the death of a dear friend? We hope you enjoy and find this film beneficial,” they say.

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Scenes of the January crash set the scene, followed by video snippets and photos of the teen boys and interviews about their grief.

Sutherland-Cameron, an aspiring film-maker, said the film tackles the issue of road safety through the lens of their experience.

“There has been a lot of death on the road lately,” he said. “Boys my age are still zooming down the road. You could be sitting in a car and someone zooms past you and it makes you think.”

“But some people still aren’t thinking.”

“You aren’t just in charge of your own life but the others around you,” he said. “You are in charge of the car in front of you and the pedestrian in front of you, you know?

There were two other people in the car; a 20-year-old driver and a 19-year-old passenger.

“I guess I just feel what I feel for them, they loved Robbie as much as we did,” Sutherland-Cameron said.


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