Some church groups hindering village life in Fiji


There is a need to limit and be very careful about allowing new religious groups to come into villages because they have different beliefs says Ministry of iTaukei Affairs permanent secretary

He said that they are asking these religious groups to follow the proper channel and liaise with the village headmen.

“New religious and church groups are being set up in villages and they come in with principles and beliefs that have contradicted traditional protocol.”

“We have received submissions in which villagers are concerned that more people turn up to do religious works and not so many when the village headman calls for duties to be done,” he said.

“In villages today, when the village headmen calls for a meeting, hardly anyone turns up, but when there is a church job to carry out all church members attend.”

“But these church members live in the villages and there are more financial levy collected for the churches rather than the vanua.”

The issue has emerged in the course of a series of consultation meetings with district representatives.


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