Pop Pope Francis is the face of Rolling Stone mag

The Pop Pope Francis is the face of Rolling Stone mag’s Italian edition this month.

“The Pope says sensible things, such sensible things,” the magazine’s editorial said, explaining why the issue was dedicated to Francis.

The cover photo shows Francis giving a thumbs-up. Written in pink letters, the photo is entitled ‘Francis: the Pop Pope’ .

The cover story discusses a visit Francis is planning, where he will meet young people in deprived areas of Milan.

It says he also aims to meet inmates of San Vittore prison on March 25 and will be celebrating an open-air mass Francis  in Monza.

Six-hundred-thousand people are expected to attend the mass.

Rolling Stone  is particularly aimed at young people. According to the Rolling Stone 2016 reader profile, nearly half its s audience is between the ages of 18 and 34.

Francis, who  has over 30,000,000 followers on Twitter,  is especially appealing  to the millennial generation, the reader profile discovered.



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