Pope Francis – a ‘stone in the shoe’ for his critics

stone in the shoe

In a recent interview, Pope Francis addressed his role as a disruptor within the Catholic Church, admitting that he knows he represents “a stone in the shoe” for many of his critics.

Speaking with the Spanish-language outlet Vida Nueva, the Pope said he remains undeterred by the opposition and is resolute in his mission to unmask what he calls the “prophets of confusion.”

During the interview, which coincided with his visit to Lisbon for World Youth Day, Pope Francis expressed his views about various issues within the Church and the broader world.

One significant topic he discussed was the prospect of a Third Vatican Council.

Francis asserted that the time is not yet ripe for such a council, primarily because the Second Vatican Council’s implementations have not been fully realised. He further criticised ideological movements within the Church that adopt a “restorationist air” while being plagued by corruption.

Royal court culture in the Curia

Francis acknowledged that his reform efforts to date in the Church have revealed “a certain impotence,” in that there’s only so far “over the limit” it’s possible to go. He admitted that “I have not yet dared to put an end to the culture of a [royal] court in the Curia.”

Addressing the criticisms he has faced for his inclusive approach, such as regularly meeting transgender individuals during his Wednesday audience, the Pope drew inspiration from Jesus in the Gospels.

“The first time they came and saw me, they left crying, saying I had given them a hand, a kiss, as if I had done something exceptional for them,” he said. “But they are children of God! He still loves you just the way you are. Jesus teaches us not to set limits.”

A stone in the shoe of imperialism

When questioned about his stance on World Youth Day and pastoral approaches, Pope Francis expressed concern over any approach driven solely by ideology, be it from the left, right or centre.

He emphasised that such approaches are inherently flawed and detrimental to the youth. In particular, the Pope singled out right-wing ideologies, cautioning against the dangers posed by groups linked to them.

On the international front, Pope Francis declared himself a staunch opponent of imperialism in all its forms. He decried the strength of imperialism, asserting that America is a victim of various empires.

According to the Pope, the solution lies in empowering people to be the “protagonists of their own destiny,” but he cautioned against resorting to populism.

“I speak badly of any empire, of whatever sort,” the pope said. “For this reason, I know that I am a stone in the shoe for more than one when I report these situations, so they have to somehow drive away the pain of the stone.”



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