No euthanasia in Belgian hospitals say bishops

Belgium’s Catholic bishops have made a strong statement opposing euthanasia.

They are responding to complaints that several Belgian Brothers of Charity-run psychiatric hospitals  say euthanasia is allowed in its institutions.

The Brothers care for about 5,000 psychiatric patients in Belgium.

While acknowledging the pain a person suffering from a psychiatric illness can experience, it is “precisely in this situation that we must remain close to [the sufferer] and not abandon him,” the bishops said.

Looking at the bigger picture, permitting euthanasia would be “attacking the very foundations of our civilization,” they added.

They said throughout human history there’s been a prohibition on euthanasia, which is why they are calling for “great restraint and continuing dialogue on these issues.”

Brother René Stockman, the superior general of the Brothers of Charity has made a formal request to the reverse the decision and had contacted the Vatican about it.

He says the Vatican is investigating his complaint.



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